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For our Blind Bag Database on we’re looking for people who could scan some blind bag collector cards for us! We already have loads of them, but are still missing a few. Who can help us create the first complete blind bag collector cards database? Any amount of cards is welcome!
These are the cards we still need (currently only European cards left):

*Wave 2 (front and back)*
Pinkie Pie (EU)
Applejack (EU)
Rainbow Dash (EU)
Rarity (EU)
Twilight Sparkle (EU)
Fluttershy (EU)

*Wave 6 (front and back)*
Applejack (EU)
Twilight Sky (EU)

*Wave 7 (front and back)*
Pinkie Pie (EU)
Twilight Sparkle (EU)
Apple Fritter (EU)
Banana Fluff (EU)
Lilac Links (EU)
Cherry Fizzy (EU)
Misty Fly (EU)
Holly Dash (EU)
Caramel Apple (EU)

*Wave 8 (front and back)*
Big MacIntosh (EU)
Comet Tail (EU)
Gardenia Glow (EU)
Lotus Blossom (EU)

*Wave 10 (front and back)*
Applejack (EU)
Trixie Lulamoon (EU)
Green Jewel (EU)
Rainbowshine (EU)
Sunny Rays (EU)
Lotus Blossom (EU)
Ribbon Wishes (EU)
Snailsquirm (EU)
Diamond Mint (EU)
Peachy Sweet (EU)
Flower Wishes (EU)
Snipsy Snap (EU)
Mosely Orange (EU)
Junebug (EU)
Royal Riff (EU)
Lemon Hearts (EU)

I can take pictures. Really nice pictures but I don’t have a scanner. Are you interested?

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Good Evening/Morning Everypony, I have just completed the doll’s modification. Being the first time I have ever attempted something like this, I am very satisfied with the results. My owner has a three day weekend coming up, so we are hoping to be able to get out and about and maybe we can pick up another Equestria Girls doll to mod, I had fun doing this. Thank you everypony for the feedback which helped me decided to take this project on and curve the direction it went, with out the input I don’t think it would have came out as well as a it did. 

Such a cool modification